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Think of the last thing you bought online... What was the experience like? Did the retailer send you shipping comms? Was the return easy and you received the proactive updates?

The likelihood is the answer is no!

That's where parcelLab comes in…

We don’t do out-of-the box solutions. We empower brands to deliver end-to-end real-time communication that embodies their identity and complements their business goals. We transform complex operational data into better customer experiences.

In other words, our advanced data platform can be fully customised to suit you. Together we’ll work to create impressive customer focused experiences that manage expectations, build trust and prolong engagement.

A 100-person strong team across Munich, Paris, London and New York, we’ve partnered with 150+ carriers worldwide - this gives us invaluable access to shipping data. It’s this that sets us apart and enables us to deliver truly tailored experiences for our 500+ global customers.

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